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"We've put more effort into helping folks reach old age than into helping them enjoy it."
-- Frank A. Clark

Nobles Elder Law, P.L.L.C. provides counsel in all areas of estate planning and elder law, which we believe go hand in hand.  From Wills, Revocable Trusts, and Advanced Medicaid and Long Term Care Planning, the main objective of this law firm is to ensure that our clients are protected throughout their lives, from their time as young parents through to retirement and beyond.  We understand there are myriad decisions when planning for the now and the future, and none are more important than safeguarding our clients and their loved ones.   There is no better time to start than today.   

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At Nobles Elder Law, P.L.L.C. we are passionate about protecting our seniors and vulnerable adults, and we will fight for their right to age with independence and dignity

We believe estate planning and elder law go hand in hand.  On the estate planning side, our documents contain protections to avoid having to see the inside of a courtroom in a guardianship matter, and set out a plan so that our clients may age with ease and security.  However, not everybody has a plan.   When a guardianship becomes necessary to protect a loved one, you can rely on us to provide the skill, expertise and compassion during what can be a very difficult time.  

Elder abuse, neglect and exploitation in Florida is rampant.  While no federal agency keeps detailed, comprehensive national data on the number of elderly people who are abused and neglected, there are local agencies that track what happens.  According to the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF), in 2015 nearly 3,000 cases of such abuse were filed with the courts.  In one recent year, the Florida Abuse Hotline received nearly 40,000 reports of abuse; in almost 3/4 of those reports, the victims were people over the age of 60.  

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To report Elder Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation, call Florida Abuse Hotline at 1-800-96-ABUSE (1-800-962-2873).  Press 1 to report suspected abuse, neglect or exploitation of the elderly or vulnerable adult.  This toll free number is available 24/7.


At Nobles Elder Law, we treat our clients like family.  In the event of death or disability, we provide a free consultation with your family members to provide assistance and advice during that difficult time.  We also handle probate and provide trust administration to our estate planning clients and their families.  

Our law firm also provides representation in the following areas:

* Trust Litigation
*  Guardianship Abuse and/or Fraud
*  Minor Guardianships
*  Guardian Advocacy
​* Intentional Interference with an Inheritance   

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Planning for All Life Stages​

Consider the ways working with an estate planning attorney:
  • Create an individualized plan based on your specific goals and needs
  • Offer you the most valuable legal advice for your situation
  • Work with an experienced attorney who is knowledgeable about current estate planning laws in the State of Florida and nationally
  • Ensure that the decisions you make are in accordance with the laws and are legally enforceable
  • Access to a specialist who can serve as a resource for questions, concerns, changes and updates to your Will and Trust
  • Unlimited phone calls to our estate planning clients ​(904) 613-5015
Young parents, the time to start your estate plan is now.  

If you're like most of us, you've put off making your estate plan.  Most of us "will get to it next week".   According to a 2015 poll, 64% of Americans do not have even a will.  Don't put off for tomorrow what you can do today, and having an estate plan will not only benefit you, it will benefit your little ones as well.  

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An Estate Plan Can Help Avoid Guardianship.

​​​By creating an estate plan -- including a Revocable Living Trust, Durable Power of Attorney for Property, Advanced Health Care Directive, Living Will, and Pourover Will -- you can avoid the oftentimes traumatic and costly experience of Guardianships.  

While guardianship  was established to protect our vulnerable adults and minors, history has shown that at its worst guardianship can create irreparable family rifts, result in the unwarranted removal of one's rights, and create victims of "the system".  At Nobles Elder Law, we emphasize the importance of planning ahead and avoiding guardianship when possible.  

If you or your loved one has no plan, please schedule an appointment with us today so that we can answer your questions and provide you with a tailored plan moving forward.  (904) 613-5015 or

If you or your loved one is experiencing a guardianship, please call us today so that we may assist you in the best possible outcome.  
 (904) 613-5015 or

If you or your loved one is experiencing a guardianship, please call us today so that we may assist you in the best possible outcome.  
 Call (904) 613-5
015 or